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Here’s some great information that can help you in choosing the correct ergonomic chair:

Finding the right “ergonomic” chair is a common problem especially for people who want to purchase new equipment to make workstations safer and healthier places for their employees. There are many “ergonomic” chairs available on the market today, but it can be a mistake to purchase one simply because it is labelled “ergonomic”.

Ergonomic chairs are designed to suit a range of people; however, there is no guarantee that they will suit any one person in particular. For example, a chair could be too high and the arm rests too far apart for a short, slim person. In addition, chairs may not suit every task or arrangement at the workstation. A chair becomes ergonomic only when it specifically suits a worker’s size (body dimensions), his or her particular workstation, and the tasks that must be performed there. It is possible to find the right chair although it is not always easy.

Interiors For Business is here to help you determine what will work best for you and also to educate you on how to use your chair.  We also have a wide range of samples for you to sit in and actually try prior to purchase.

See below for some helpful guidelines to consider when purchasing a new desk/task chair:

Features to look for in an ergonomic chair:

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